“Dan was an incredible asset to our team during the Human Rights Watch Film Festival. He helped us reach new heights in attendance through his creative marketing ideas, grassroots outreach, and social media expertise. He is wonderful to work with, an excellent, intelligent writer, and brings passion to the projects he works on. We really look forward to working with Dan again in the future.”

Jen Nedbalsky-Neal – Director of Audience Engagement, Human Rights Watch

I’m a twenty-something freelance writer and storyteller based in London.

Before all else, I love words. Stringing the right ones together to cause the desired effect, for my reviews or fundraising or the clients I work with, is a genuine pleasure and a skill I continuously practice to improve. To keep the creative cauldron bubbling, I read a couple of books per week (at least), and my dream, one day soon, is to open a bookshop focused on using fiction as a remedial, tailored tool for people experiencing a struggle in their life.

What can I do for you?

  • copywriting
  • content writing
  • proofreading / editorial
  • content / marketing strategy
  • social media strategy / management

Who have I done these things for?

I’ve had the pleasure of pitching to and subsequently working with London’s oldest bookshop, a top-50 UK creative agency, Times Higher Education‘s entrepreneurial university of the year for 2018, and the world’s most significant human rights charity and book publishers. I’ve briefly listed a few below, and can provide further detail for these and others on the phone or in person. In my own time, my videography has been featured at Tate Britain, and I’ve collectively fundraised £150k for a variety of charities by practicing the skills I learn.

  • Hatchards: events & marketing manager
  • Workbrands: marketing & content manager
  • Greater London Authority: marketing manager
  • Human Rights Watch: film festival digital content, copy & outreach
  • Pancreatic Cancer Action: digital fundraising campaign, raised £10k
  • Anaphylaxis Campaign: digital fundraising campaign, raised £80k
  • London South Bank University: social media strategy & content

Do you like tea & cake? Me, too! To discuss your project and my availability / rates in more detail, email or tweet me.