Today, the US opened a new embassy.

Despite being its embassy in Israel, they decided to place it in Jerusalem, Palestine.

Today, in response to justifiable Palestinian protests towards this extension of illegal Israeli settlement by ‘biblical right’, 52 Palestinians have (at this hour) been killed by bullets for ‘breaching a border’. Thousands are injured, hundreds by gunfire. Children are dead. Read that again: children have died because Israel did not like the collective disapproval towards Palestinian land being stolen.

Today, Israel continued their genocide.

Human Rights Watch has condemned Israel.

Amnesty International has condemned Israel.

Tomorrow, Israel will not be held accountable by any collective global panel.

Soon, another mass killing of Palestinians will happen.

& another.

& then another.

Each of the holes here represents a person killed, just today.

108 have been killed since 30 March. Thousands more before that.

It’s difficult to imagine large numbers of people dying or, in this case, being killed. & if we can’t connect with the number, then it’s tough to recognise the trauma, therefore give punishment for the crime. As humans, we fail to produce an outcry for other humans because they’re a 5-hour plane away.

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