witch’s flower

Following my last alternative film review(s) for Beast, I thought I’d follow up with the same for Mary And The Witch’s Flower.

The blackout review I posted on Instagram reads:

animator blossoms above the school of terrible characters

With that in mind, watch this film:

1: if you appreciate art

Whether you’re a fan of anime already or not, the art form is simply beautiful. More often than not, each frame looks like a piece of art that’s taken hours to create. Witch’s flower is no less and, if anything, it’s the film’s saving grace.

2: to see poor scripting & character development

What let it down was the lame character relationships and dialogue. You’re never gripped by what they’re saying, there’s no profound insight, and when you’re comparing to the almighty Studio Ghibli – from whence many staff have joined the fresh Studio Ponoc – it just doesn’t measure up to the magic you’re supposed to leave the cinema with.


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